Help your students disagree productively about essential curriculum, current events, and social issues through the power of puzzles.

The Problem

Teachers are afraid to open themselves (and their students) up to discussions around controversial issues.

Without tools and scaffolds, extreme disagreements in the classroom filled with emotion and void of sound reasoning can limit our ability to teach and to learn.

But students need opportunities to practice having these conversations to be prepared for college and beyond.

thinkPUZZLES empowers students with practice manipulating and seeing reasons behind real-world arguments.

The puzzles we provide are digestible, focused, and tested by real students.

Why do puzzles work?

  • Students focus on the reasons given, and on the way reasons fit together to support important claims, like: Is there more to life than happiness? Should brands be involved in politics? Is human gene editing ethical?
  • By mapping arguments around ethical, philosophical, legal, and current issues, students uncover the logic behind opposing viewpoints, and find points of connection. These puzzles can also form the foundation of focused, nuanced, and in-depth class discussions around controversial issues.

At thinkPUZZLES, we think disagreements about controversial topics should be inquisitive, respectful, and fearless. How do we get there? Through the power of puzzles.

Drag the claims into the map so that they form a logical argument!

Press "Check Answer" after you're done to see the solution!

Packages & Pricing

Free Subscriptions

Registering for a free instructor account gives you free access to:

  • A basic set of 10 “Just for Fun” mapping puzzles (5 sets pro and con)
  • Ability to onboard 50 students and track their progress

Paid Subscriptions

There are two ways to enhance your subscription:

Add more students

Register as many students as you like beyond the 50 students you can register for free. Price is $25 per every additional 50 students registered.

Access more puzzles

Add puzzles to your library, and make them available to any number of students (for the same fixed cost, see below). Pricing depends on the puzzle set purchased:

Puzzle Pack Price for 1 year access (for any number of students)
36 “Just for Fun” puzzles $10 total for the year
AP Government Supreme Court case puzzles $25 total for the year
40 current events puzzles $25 total for the year
32 Philosophy puzzles $25 total for the year
Map of the Month (New pro/con puzzles in your inbox September-May) $50